Aaron is a minor character on the television show Seinfeld.


Aaron dated Elaine in “The Raincoats”, and he is played by Judge Reinhold. Aaron is a close-talker, a highly quirky way of speaking to people. He will walk up to the person he is engaging in conversation as closely as possible with his face mere inches away from theirs.

While Aaron likes Elaine, he loves Jerry Seinfeld's parents. While the Seinfelds are visiting Jerry in New York before their trip to Paris, Aaron does everything possible to make Morty and Helen's stay as entertaining as possible. He takes Elaine and the Seinfelds for a day long visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, a showing of My Fair Lady, an expensive meal and a Hansom Cab ride. Elaine confronts Aaron about all the time he is spending with the Seinfeld's and he claims he is only doing it because they are incredible people and he is having a great time with them.

When the Seinfelds cancel their trip to Paris and head back to Florida, Aaron accompanies Jerry and Elaine to the airport to see them off. After the Seinfelds have boarded their plane, Aaron begins feeling guilty about how much more he could have done for them if he had pawned his ring and watch. He then suffers a panic attack as he worries the Seinfelds will get dehydrated on the plane. Aaron tries to get inside the plane to make sure the Seinfelds get the water he feels they desperately need, but is held back by security.


"Yeah. They bought me a Coke."


Season Five

Notes About Nothing

  • Aaron's monologue at the airport about how he could have done so much more to give the Seinfelds a more fun stay in Manhattan is a parody of a scene in Schindler's List where Oscar Schindler wonders aloud how many more people he could have saved if he had sold his material possessions.
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