Ada was George Costanza’s secretary with the New York Yankees. She was portrayed by Vicki Lewis.

In "The Secretary", George didn't want to hire an attractive secretary so he could focus on his work, and in the interview process turned down a few women specifically because they were so attractive. George ultimately hired Ada, whose efficiency impressed him. One day while they are working together, George becomes attracted to Ada, and the two have sex. While having sex George blurts out that he's giving Ada a raise. Jerry suggests George undo his promise the next time they have sex, but George sees no other option than to go to Steinbrenner and demand that Ada be given a raise, even though she has only been with the franchise for 3 days. Ada is given a raise, but it turns out that her new wages are even greater than George's, much to his annoyance.

In "The Race", Ada overhears George on the phone with a woman he met through The Daily Worker, and believes George is a Communist. She tells Steinbrenner about this but instead of reprimanding him, Steinbrenner sends George to Cuba to negotiate with Fidel Castro about the signing of Cuban baseball talent.


Season 6

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