Adam Lippman is a minor character on the television show Seinfeld.


Adam Lippman is Elaine's former boss, Mr. Lippman's son. Elaine attends Adam's bar mitzvah in “The Serenity Now”. Adam is less than thrilled with Elaine's Boggle present. Adam forces an open-mouthed kiss on Elaine in front of all the other guests at the ceremony and then proudly and loudly exclaims he is a man. Elaine has a talk with Adam later on, expecting him to apologize, but instead Adam tells her it felt great kissing her and asks her out. When Elaine tells him she can't go out with him because he is not really a man yet, Adam grows disillusioned with his bar mitzvah and even renounces his faith for a short while.


“But I’m a man. The rabbi said so.”


Season Nine

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