Alton Benes is the father of Elaine Benes, and a famous writer. Alton would have become a recurring character, but after Lawrence Tierney stole a knife from the set, the cast and crew became too terrified to bring him back.

Fictional Biography

Alton fought in the Korean War, and once mentioned a friend of his he knew back in Korea who was a tail gunner that "got his brains blown out all over the Pacific". Alton is also a successful author, and wrote the book titled Fair Game. He was married and has two daughters, Gail and Elaine. His career as an author may have been the inspiration for Elaine to grow up and work as an editor at Pendant Publishing and later as a writer for the J. Peterman Catalog. Alton is a generally an intimidating man, and often makes people uncomfortable with his angry demeanor. In “The Jacket”, Jerry and George met Alton, who proceeds to refer to George as "chorus boy" for his frequent singing of a song stuck in his head. He also compared Jerry to his tail-gunner friend from Korea. He also causes Jerry to ruin his suede jacket by not letting him turn it inside out for the snow. He also has an unusual quirk of believing everyone is gay. He also doesn't seem to respect Elaine's work, as he refers to Pendant Publishing as "those bastards".

In "The Wait Out", Elaine tells David Lukner her father left the family when she was 9 years old. Whether or not this is true is never expanded on.

Later in "The Yada Yada", Elaine refers to Alton when discussing alcohol as a religion with Jerry.


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