Amy is a woman whom Jerry dated in "The Glasses"; she was portrayed by Anna Gunn. Everything was going well between Jerry and Amy until she saw another side to him, an ugly side. George thought he saw her making out with Jerry's cousin Jeffrey, even though he wasn't wearing his glasses (he was squinting). Jerry has a plan to find out if they did make out, bring her with him when he goes to Jeffrey's apartment and if they did in fact make out there would be no hiding it between them. When Amy and Jerry arrive at Jeffrey's, they find that Uncle Leo is there instead which pretty much derails Jerry's plan. Jerry mistakenly thinks that Jeffrey has confessed to making out with Amy when Uncle Leo gives him a message that says he's very sorry, and he hopes he can forgive him. It turns out that Amy has never met Jeffrey and he was only apologizing because the seats at the concert were not very good. This misunderstanding led to their breakup.

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