Not to be confused with Audrey.

Audrey is Jerry's girlfriend in "The Pie". She was portrayed by Suzanne Snyder.

Jerry and Audrey are having lunch at Monk's, and Jerry offers Audrey some of his apple pie. Audrey declines, and refuses to tell Jerry why she doesn't want any of the pie, simply shaking her head no over and over. Audrey's refusal to eat the pie mystifies Jerry, and he can't stop thinking about it. Later, the two go have dinner at Audrey's father Poppie's restaurant, where Poppie is the head chef. Poppie tells them he will be personally preparing their meal for the evening. Jerry goes to the bathroom where he encounters Poppie, however, Poppie does not wash his hands after using the bathroom. Traumatized, Jerry returns to his table, and watches on as Poppie prepares his meal with his un-washed hands. When Poppie brings out their food, Jerry refuses to eat any, similarly to how Audrey had refused the pie earlier. Kramer later tells Jerry that he saw Audrey eating some apple pie at Monk's by herself, so Jerry goes to confront her. Still, Audrey won't tell Jerry why she initially refused the pie, much to his anguish. Poppie's restaurant is later shut down due to his uncleanliness.

Notes About Nothing

  • Audrey apparently keeps Entenmann's donuts in her purse.
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