Innocent Primate

"Mr. Kramer, he's an innocent primate."

"So am I."

Barry is a chimpanzee who lives at the New York Zoo and appears in The Face Painter. While waiting to get a personal tour of the zoo from George's girlfriend Siena, Cosmo Kramer is struck in the face by a banana peel thrown by Barry. Kramer retaliates by pelting the monkey in the back of the head with the same banana peel. Both Kramer and Barry walk away from the experience with hurt feelings.

Kramer is called back to the zoo a few days later and is informed that Barry is in a severe depression over what he did to him. The poor chimp has even lost interest in impressing the female chimps he lives with. Kramer tries explaining to the zookeeper that it was the monkey who started it, but he is still asked to apologize.

Giving in to the zookeeper's request, Kramer is led to a back room where a caged Barry is kept. Kramer apologizes to Barry, but also lets the chimp know he was the instigator of the whole thing. Barry gets angry at Kramer and spits at him and begins shaking the bars of his cage in rage.

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