Becky Gelke
Gender Female
First Appearance "The Good Samaritan"
Portrayed By Helen Slater

Becky Gelke is the beautiful woman who lives across the street from Jerry's apartment building. She was played by Helen Slater and appeared only in "The Good Samaritan".

Becky is a woman whom Jerry had a crush on for a long time; he only knew her as "the woman in the blue sweatpants." Jerry begins dating a woman named Angela who he met when she hit a parked car. It turns out that the parked car belonged to Becky Gelke. Jerry goes to her apartment to apologize and pay for the damages, and Becky thanks him, but believes Jerry was the one who hit her car, and slams the door in his face.

Kramer later confronts Jerry about this, but Jerry explains that it wasn't him. Kramer informs Jerry that he has a date with Becky. When Kramer went to go pick her up, he starts having another seizure, due to Mary Hart being on television. Whether or not Kramer and Becky ever go on their date is never mentioned.

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