Not to be confused with Ben Cantwell.

Ben is a doctor who dates Elaine in "The Abstinence".

Ben and Elaine are having dinner when he informs her that he isn't actually a doctor yet, as he has taken doctor licensing exam three times but failed each time. Though Elaine is slightly relieved when she learns that she can still introduce Ben as "doctor."

Later, Ben and Elaine are at Monk's when Sue Ellen Mischke walks in and shows off her periodontist boyfriend. To counteract this Elaine introduces her doctor boyfriend Ben. Suddenly, one of the Monk's employees collapses and someone yells for a doctor. When Elaine tries to get Ben to help, he says he's not a doctor and only offers that the man should lift his legs. This whole ordeal embarrasses Elaine greatly in front of Sue Ellen.

Elaine helps Ben study for his next licensing exam. It doesn't go well, and Ben gets most of the answers wrong. Elaine suggests that they stop having sex so that Ben can "get smarter" in the same way that George is.

Ben later passes his exam and becomes a full-fledged doctor. Unfortunately for Elaine, it was always Ben's dream that once he became a doctor he would break up with whoever he was with and get with someone better.

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