Not to be confused with Ben.

Ben Cantwell is an elderly 85-year-old man who George had to spend time with when he signed up for volunteer work in 1993. His only appearance was in “The Old Man” and was portrayed by Robert Donley.

He was a kind and friendly old man without a care in the world that had no problem with passing on. However, when George went to spend time with him at the diner, George instantly became panicked at the idea of death and began ranting about it to Ben in a vain attempt to make him as depressed as he was about it and pretty much insulted Ben's state of mind. Ben, irritated with George's attitude left the diner and "fired" George, claiming that life was indeed too short to waste on the short, stocky, slow-witted bald man known as George Costanza.

Near the end of episode, it is revealed that he is actually a friend of Sidney Fields, and both meet up at Monk's Cafe to discuss the horrible time they had with their respective volunteer workers and Sid's recent relationship failure with a woman with a very large goiter.

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