Beth Lukner is a minor Seinfeld character, portrayed by Debra Messing, who would go on to star in the highly acclaimed sitcom Will & Grace.

The Wait Out

Beth's first appearance is in this episode. In "The Wait Out", she appears to be happily married to David, who is a salesman while Beth is a physician; she used to be Don Mattingly's doctor. After George makes a comment that Beth could have done better than David, she separates from David, and she begins a friendly relationship with Jerry. At the end of the episode, David and Beth get back together again.

The Yada Yada

Beth makes her second (and final) appearance in "The Yada Yada". It is implied that she and David broke up somehow, and she is now dating a man named Arnie. They attempt to adopt a child, only to have Elaine (accidentally) mention Arnie's temper. Elaine tries to repair the damage she has done, but the couple break up and Beth begins to date Jerry. She accompanies him to Mickey's wedding, where she initially shares Jerry's dislike of dentists before stating, "Not to mention the blacks and the Jews." Jerry promptly dumps her.

Relationship with Jerry

Jerry seems to find Beth attractive, going as far as to "wait out" her wedding with David. After the couple separates, Jerry and Beth start a platonic relationship, with Jerry hoping to date Beth. In "The Yada Yada", Jerry and Beth do begin dating, but when Beth is revealed to be racist and Anti-Semitic, he dumps her.


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