• Roosevelt the Hunter

    New Management

    December 31, 2018 by Roosevelt the Hunter

    Hello to everyone and all users visiting this wiki! I'm going to keep this short because it's not that important to anyone who isn't interested in being a regular editor on this wiki. Also, this title is not meant to be threatening either; it's actually a reference to a joke in the show. I was put in charge of this wiki a few months ago by the former head bureaucrat due to my wikia administrative experience. As anyone could guess, I've been a big fan of the show and was happy to take on a role in maintaining this site. 

    Of course, if anyone has any comments or questions, feel free to contact me. I hope everyone enjoys their time browsing the wiki!

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  • Lt Snow 911


    October 28, 2016 by Lt Snow 911

    Hey there fellow Seinfeld fans. I've been a huge, huge fan of Seinfeld for years, in fact it is my number 1 tv show. Anyway, I will help out as much as possible with the wiki. That is it from me, have a good one. 

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  • Melsideponytail


    I am a comic producing a variety show about all things SEINFELD. Are there any NYC based people on here that would like to contribute something? It would be great to have a super fan present! We are open to anything! The show is on Feb. 24th-- so time is of the essence.

    Please feel free to contact me:

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  • MrBlonde267

    To celebrate the Festivus season, and also all nine seasons of Seinfeld now streaming on Hulu, you submitted your favorite, funniest moments. For a show about nothing, there were countless memorable scenes. Here are your top 10.

    FACT: Quite possibly the most well known episode, Season 4's "The Contest" involves a bet between the fab four on who can remain "The Master of Their Domain" the longest by refraining from masturbating. Kramer falls first and slams his money down on the counter proclaiming, "I'm out!", after spying on a naked woman in the apartment across the street.

    FACT: In the episode "The Doorman" of Season 6, Frank and Kramer invent a supportive garment for men's upper bodies, after Kramer points out that Frank has "real hooters…

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  • Shrekdonkey


    August 13, 2014 by Shrekdonkey

    I love Seinfeld do you.

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  • Ducksoup

    Hi Seinfeld!

    I'm Andrew, the technical community manager here at Wikia. About a month ago we partnered with Sony to launch TV SideView,  which integrates content from your wikia into an Android app. If you haven't given it a shot yet, I recommend it! It's available for most Android devices and it's another way to be proud of your hard work.  

    Your wikia (among others) has been receiving a good number of visits from the app itself, and that's why I'm here. My job as technical community manager is to make sure our back-end work here in the Wikia offices meshes flawlessly with your front-end content. And from our angle, your community is doing a fantastic job sorting and developing your wikia.  

    Thank you so much - users like you are what make W…

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  • On Location Tours

    In honor of the 25th Anniversary of Seinfeld, On Location Tours is offering 10% off tickets to see Seinfeld locations in New York City!  Use code SEINFELD during checkout to save 10% on the New York TV & Movie Sites Tour and/or the Uptown TV & Movie Sites Tour.  Locations including the Original Soup Man, Tom’s Restaurant, and more! 

    Join us on the New York TV & Movie Sites bus tour from Monday, June 30th through Saturday, July 5th for special Seinfeld trivia, black & white cookies, and giveaways!!  Additionally, the Uptown TV & Movie Sites tour will run special Seinfeld trivia with black & white cookie prizes from Thursday, July 3rd through Saturday, July 5th.

    Contact Lauren Nicholson ( or 212.683.2027 for more information. …

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  • Shinnest

    "Seinfeld" is the greateat show in television history. I loved it.

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  • Pacificsbaseball

    Come meet the Soup Nazi on Saturday August 24! The legendary Seinfeld character will be at the San Rafael Pacifics game and will be available to take photos and to sign autographs. To buy tickets for the game and to meet the Soup Nazi in person, please follow this link:

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  • Sweetow

    Seinfeld Trivia

    May 29, 2013 by Sweetow

    When George was in the limo as O'Brien, the Nazi, what was the song he whistled?

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  • Super Shmevan

    Michael Richards

    September 2, 2012 by Super Shmevan

    At this point, I think that most (if not everyone) people are very familiar with Michael's infamous racial tirade at the Laugh Factory in 2006. I imagine that he lost quite a few fans during this incident (that's probably an understatement) and I would just like to know has your opinion of the man changed as a result of this? Why or why not? I am in no way going to try to defend his actions, because I think what he was saying was quite awful.

    I'll answer my question here. Well, first of all, I want to say that this whole incident really saddened me, and it still kind of does whenever I think of it. It's hard to watch such a beloved character and actor act in such a manner. There's no defending his actions and I doubt anyone has tried to. Bu…

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    Greetings from your Wikia Community Support team,

    Starting today, Wikia’s engineers are testing a new system for article comments on this wiki. This shouldn’t really affect either the comments already posted or your ability to post comments, but I wanted to make you aware of the change, albeit minor.

    The Article Comment section will now be ‘lazy loaded’. Lazy loading is when parts of the pages are loaded at different pages. In this instance, the article comments of a page will load only when the user scrolls down to the section. When the user gets to this section, they will see a very quick ‘loading’ icon and then the comments should appear. This will be a matter of milliseconds to a second at max.

    Why are we doing this? To make your experien…

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  • UnitedPhysics

    A Complaint

    July 6, 2012 by UnitedPhysics

    I would just like to use a bit of wikia editing power to say that there's been someone on this wiki has been putting spam comments on the comment of articles on this wiki advertising Diablo 3 gold, and that's all, can we delete those comments?

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  • UnitedPhysics


    June 26, 2012 by UnitedPhysics

    This is my first blog post on this wiki, and I just wanted to use it to ask if the reunion sho seen on Curb Your Enthusiasm counts toward canon or not. Anyone with a word, please say.

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  • Quarantine1777

    I saw the pilot episode in 1989.

    Next episode I saw was The Sniffing Accountant. I really got a kick out of Kramer kicking in the stall door to snap a picture of the accountantant.

    Didn't become a regular viewer until late 1995.

    Watched the finale live. Not a big fan of that one.

    Used to watch the syndicated airings religiously between 1998-2005.

    Most of my viewing of the show today is done through YouTube clips of the show. Not the same as watching the episodes, but some of those clips are great.

    Sometimes I watch it on TBS, but that is a very rare occurance.

    I'll eventually get the DVDs, but I'm in no rush.

    Seinfeld and Married With Children are the only live-action sitcoms I like as much as The Simpsons.

    Seinfeld's biggest draw to me is its rewa…

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  • TFwriter


    December 30, 2011 by TFwriter

    Okay. Meybe just one more blog entry.

    I finished EVERY episode of Seinfeld!

    and I just wanna say this: It all started with a yard sale.

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  • HOMR123

    How do you guys think Seinfeld should have ended?

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  • TFwriter

    Blog about nothing

    November 14, 2011 by TFwriter

    Yes, this entry is about nothing. Truth be told, I'm only gonna do this once.

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  • DaRanger

    Follow us on Twitter

    September 19, 2011 by DaRanger

    Want to keep up with the Wiki? Well, now its never been easier. Now you can follow what's going on by clicking follow @WikiSein. Many events will be posted here, and it will be easier to attract new users. I will also put up a widget on the main page in the next days to make it easy to follow and read what's going on without visiting the page itself. Feel free to add any feedback here.

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  • Survivefan23

    Elaine and Kramer Fans!

    September 17, 2011 by Survivefan23

    I've been wondering, since people love Elain because of her hotness, and personality and Kramer with his crazy attitude. How many people are a fan of Elaine, Kramer, or Both? I like Both. witch is your favorite?

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  • Frantik!

    Apparently Jerry and Larry were guest stars on "Love & War", a sitcom in the 90s. I think I remember the episode, which involved a Mensa group at a planetarium. The Mensa people would all laugh whenever the presenter talked about Uranus.

    Anyone know where this episode can be seen? I don't think it's on DVD, so I guess the best to hope for is someone who has it on VHS?

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  • DaRanger

    New Look

    July 19, 2011 by DaRanger

    Hello Wikians. You are probably noticing that the Wiki Background has changed. It is still a similar concept, except it contains the entire bodies of the "New York Four". It is also longer, so if you are viewing using a small screen, you may see characters cut off. I changed the background, as I did not care for how Elaine was cut in half across the page, and how it was not too long, so people with larger screens seen everything scrunched against the content area. I am also looking for a main page redesign to do.

    I would love comments telling me how you like the background, and if you have an idea for the main page.

    Thanks, DaRanger (Chat With Me) 19:28, July 19, 2011 (UTC)

    Update (7/21/11): You can visit this Forum to give your two cents about …

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  • Frantik!

    Just watching Miami Vice and all of the sudden I hear a familiar voice.. it's KRAMER! Funnily enough, one of his first lines has him offering fruit to his guests.. and we all know how much Kramer loves his fruit ;)

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  • Frantik!

    I noticed in The Caddy that Jerry has a Windows 95 box on his desk, but we all know he is a big Macintosh user!

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  • DaRanger


    May 19, 2011 by DaRanger

    Hello. I am the adoptive Bureaucrat of this Wiki, and I thought I should throw this out there. This Wiki seems to be getting new users every week. If no one has yet tried it or seen it, there is a chat beta feature on this wiki, along with a few select wikis. It is located under the new images on the right column of main pages. Please feel free to test this feature, it is actually quite cool. Thanks.

    P.S. Thanks to Ohmyn0 for implementing chat without even a request.

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  • TedDuda


    May 13, 2011 by TedDuda

    Any requests for the creation of or improvement on articles? Post here!

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  • TedDuda

    If you have any suggestions, please post them here! :)

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