Bob Sacamano is a character on the television sitcom Seinfeld. He is never seen in any of the episodes, but through Cosmo Kramer's accounts, he is the source of bizarre anecdotes, and is known to frequently give esoteric information and harebrained ideas.


"The Heart Attack" (Season 2, Episode 8): Kramer says that Sacamano went into the hospital for a hernia operation, and due to malpractice, now sits in a chair by a window repeating "My name is Bob!" in a high-pitched voice.

"The Truth" (Season 3, Episode 2): Kramer reveals that Bob Sacamano once was in a mental institution, and that electroshock therapy had no effect on him because his synapses were so large.

"The Fix-Up" (Season 3, Episode 16): Bob, who lives in New Jersey, gets a job at a condom factory in Edison, NJ and gives Kramer defective condoms. Kramer, in turn, accidentally gives George a blue (defective) one, which causes George to fear that he has impregnated a woman he was "fixed up" with by Jerry and Elaine.

"The Glasses" (Season 5, Episode 3): Kramer relates the story in which Bob once contracted rabies.

"The Wig Master" (Season 7, Episode 19): George thinks that the two-week stay of his house guest, Susan's friend, the wig master, is excessive. Not so, says Kramer, who indicates that Bob Sacamano once stayed with him for a year and a half.

"The Fatigues" (Season 8, Episode 6): Elaine Benes, George Costanza, and Jerry, as well as Kramer were all invited to a party hosted by Sacamano. Though Elaine receives the invitation late due to her mail room clerk delivering it late; this plays into the plot of the story.

"The Chicken Roaster" (Season 8, Episode 8): Jerry and Bob become friends when Jerry moves into Kramer's apartment and Kramer moves into Jerry's, and at that point we learn Sacamano sold replica Russian hats made of rat fur in Battery Park.

"The Van Buren Boys" (Season 8, Episode 14): Kramer tells the "Bob Sacamano Story" in which he is on the phone with Bob and realizes he has to return a pair of pants. He goes down to the subway, and after deciding the train is taking too long, sprints down the tunnel but trips and falls into a puddle, ruining the very pants he was about to return. When Elaine asks what he was going to wear on the way back, Kramer remarks she's missing the point because he never got there, and when asked why it is called the "Bob Sacamano Story", he responds that he was on the phone with him at the beginning of the story. Upon hearing it, J. Peterman remarks that the story is an example of "perfect irony."

"The Wizard" (Season 9, Episode 15): Kramer runs for condo president at Del Boca Vista Phase III with Jerry's father Morty and they decide to bribe the voters with "Wizard" portable electronic organizers (ignorantly referred to by the condo tenants as "tip calculators"). It turns out that the models sourced from Bob Sacamano's father were poorly made "Willard" imitations, thus precipitating their election defeat.

"The Puerto Rican Day" (Season 9, Episode 20): Kramer mentions that Bob Sacamano made a fortune from the toy paddles with the ball and rubber band. Supposedly, he came up with the idea for the rubber band. Before that, people would just hit the ball, and it would fly away.

Notes About Nothing[]

  • According to series writer Larry Charles, Bob Sacamano was a real-life friend. Shortly after Larry introduced the fictional Sacamano character in “The Heart Attack”, he and the real Sacamano had a falling-out.