Not to be confused with Carol.

Carol is a woman that George dates in "The Phone Message".

George and Carol's date goes very well, the two being very interested in each other. At the end of the night, Carol invites George up to her apartment "for some coffee." George declines, saying that he can't drink coffee late at night, as it keeps him up. Surprised, Carol goes to her apartment. Moments later, George realizes that "coffee" actually meant sex. Full of self-loathing, George hates himself for not going up to her apartment. Nonetheless, he calls Carol the next day and leaves a message stating that he didn't realize what she meant by "coffee." As the days go on, George keeps leaving her messages, each one more hostile than the last, until the fourth day, when George completely loses his mind, screaming at her. Carol does eventually call him back, however, stating that she has been out of town and wasn't sure if George was trying to get in touch with her or not, so she hasn't heard any of George's incriminating voicemails. George, desperate for her to not hear those messages, enlists his friend Jerry to go into her apartment with him and change out the voicemail tapes while George has her distracted. Jerry eventually completes the task, only for Carol to reveal to George that her neighbor had played his messages for her, and that she "loves jokes like that," indicating that she did not believe he was being serious.

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