Cedric is one of a group of two on Seinfeld. He is always shown with his life partner, Bob. Every appearance they make, they end up beating up or harassing Kramer for some reason. He and Bob are revealed to be Puerto Rican in their last appearance. Cedric is portrayed by John Paragon.


In Bob and Cedric's first appearance is in The Soup Nazi as two unnamed "street toughs". They appear and start looking at Elaine's armoire, which Kramer is guarding while Elaine gets soup. When Kramer tells them to leave, they threaten him, and they take off with the armoire. Later, in the same episode, Jerry and Kramer happen to be walking down the street, and spot the thugs. When they confront the thugs, they chase Jerry and Kramer away.

Their second appearance is in The Sponge. Here Kramer participates in an AIDS walk, but refuses to wear the AIDS ribbon. When he does not, the other walkers call on Cedric and Bob to force him to wear the ribbon. Kramer gasps when the two street thugs turn around. Here, they lead the attack on Kramer, who beat him to a pulp, and he collapses just inches from the finish line.

Their third and final appearance is in The Puerto Rican Day. Here, Kramer accidentally sets a Puerto Rican flag on fire with a match. Here Cedric and Bob, along with a gang of Puerto Ricans see this, and chase Kramer.

Notes About Nothing

  • In The Soup Nazi, Cedric is unnamed, but he is credited in the end as Ray.


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