Celia is a woman whom Jerry dated in "The Merv Griffin Show."

Jerry is fascinated by Celia's extensive toy collection in her apartment, and is desperate to play with them. Unfortunately for Jerry, they have never been played with before, and Celia will not let him play with them. Jerry does find a way to play with them eventually, however, when he gives her some aspirin that "may cause drowsiness." As she sleeps, Jerry plays. Jerry brags about it to Kramer and George. While George says he wants to play with the toys too, Kramer is appalled that Jerry would "drug" his girlfriend to play with her toys. Later, Jerry brings George over to her apartment with a large turkey and a box of wine, as well as an old boring home video from George's childhood. Due to the tryptophan in the turkey, Celia falls asleep again. On another occasion, Jerry brings George and Elaine to play with the toys, while Celia sleeps again due to a turkey and wine.

On the Merv Griffin set in Kramer's apartment, Jerry once again brags about drugging his girlfriend and playing with her toys, but Celia was "backstage" and heard everything, and angrily breaks up with Jerry.

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