Corbin Bernsen (born September 7, 1954) is an American actor who starred as Arnie Becker for all eight seasons of L.A. Law. He had a cameo appearance in “The Trip, Part 1”.

Corbin was approached by George Costanza while both were backstage at The Tonight Show. George told Corbin that he had a perfect court case they could do on L.A. Law based on an experience he had where he refused to replace a woman's cat that died of starvation while in his care with a brand new cat. Corbin feigned interest in George's suggestion backstage, but while being interviewed on The Tonight Show he complained about how big a drag it is getting solicited by fans with court cases they could do on L.A. Law and singled out George's cat case specifically. George was humiliated as The Tonight Show audience laughed at Corbin calling him a nut and saying how sick it was that George negligently killed the cat and wouldn't buy the woman a new one.

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