Darryl Nelson is Elaine's boyfriend in "The Wizard". After meeting him, Jerry and George are convinced that he is black. As it is ambiguous, Elaine spends the episode trying to figure out his race. While Elaine thought he was black, Darryl thought Elaine was Hispanic. She finds out he is a white Anglo-African after she was so sure he was black that she referred to an African-American waitress as 'sista'.

Clues that Elaine uses to conclude that Darryl is black

  • At his apartment, Elaine hears hip-hop music being played from a stereo. She thinks it is Darryl only to find out that it was his neighbor playing the music.
  • Darryl has various African artifacts in his apartment.
  • Darryl claims that he came from South Africa many years ago for "obvious reasons" (referring to Apartheid).
  • After a couple in the coffee shop make a comment, Darryl is upset that they are being made fun of for being an interracial couple (in fact, he believed that Elaine was Hispanic).