Donald Sanger (better known as The Bubble Boy) is a very popular character introduced in “The Bubble Boy”. He is a boy who lives in a bubble, and is never seen. All that can be seen are his gloves sticking out of the bubble. Donald is voiced by Jon Hayman.


While at Monk's Cafe, a man approaches Jerry Seinfeld and Elaine Benes about meeting his son who is in a bubble, who is also a huge fan of Jerry. Jerry agrees to visit a bubble boy, who lives in a hermetically sealed bubble due to a compromised immune system. Jerry gets lost on the way and George Costanza and Susan Ross end up meeting the bubble boy, but finds he is a bratty spoiled teenager (possibly adult). George and Donald get in a fight over a typographical error on a Trivial Pursuit card, when it says the Moops (rather than the Moors) invaded Spain. George and Donald fight, and the fight results in the boy's bubble being burst. He is taken to the hospital just as Jerry arrives, only to all be chased off by angry residents.

The Bubble Boy returns in “The Pilot, Part 2” watching Jerry with him complaining about Jerry.

The Bubble Boy makes his final appearance in “The Finale, Part 2” to testify against George after Mel brings him into the courtroom. He retells the story and he and George argue again about the Moors/Moops incident.

Notes About Nothing

  • The scenes with Donald in “The Finale” were omitted in syndication because the episode ran longer than normal, so scenes had to be cut to have two 22-minute episodes.
    • He is mentioned in the news story shown while the jury is out in syndication, however.
  • Jon Hayman, the actor who voiced Donald, also played the prison guard who escorted Jerry off the stage at the finale of “The Finale”.



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