Not to be confused with "The Doorman", the episode named after this character.

The Doorman is a man who works at Mr. Pitt's apartment building in "The Doorman."

Jerry first encounters the doorman when he goes to Mr. Pitt's apartment to pick up Elaine, who is house-sitting. Jerry tells the doorman he's going up to see Elaine, and the doorman inappropriately states that he's going up for a "quickie." As Jerry waits for the elevator, he sees the doorman reading a newspaper and tries to make light conversation by bringing up the Knicks, which insults the doorman, saying that Jerry is insinuating that he's an uneducated doorman who must be reading the sports section instead of the the Wall Street page. Jerry goes up to see Elaine and tells her about his interaction, saying that he can't face the doorman again, so they wait for his shift to end. Later, when Jerry is walking home he walks past the doorman once again while he stands outside of another apartment building. Jerry asks if he works as a doorman at this apartment too, which leads to the doorman once again feeling insulted. Jerry walks off, stating that he doesn't need to keep talking to him. As Jerry walks away the doorman yells "you really think you're better than me, don't ya?!"

Jerry comes back to Mr. Pitt's apartment building another day, and finds the doorman there once again. Jerry apologizes for their interactions before, saying that his building does not have doormen so he's not used to talking to them, and says that he just wants to be friends. The doorman asks Jerry to watch the door while he runs out to get a beer, and Jerry obliges. While Jerry is standing in for the doorman, he has similar experiences to the ones he had with the doorman earlier. Jerry stands in for the doorman for a very long time, and even signs for a FedEx package. When the doorman takes too long to return, Jerry leaves his post, leaving the door unattended. With the lobby of the building unattended, a couch was stolen. The doorman explains to the building manager that he only left for a few minutes, and asked someone to watch the door for him. As Elaine walks in the building, he tells the manager that the person was a friend of hers. Elaine tries to claim that no one will believe a doorman, but the doorman finds the FedEx package signed by Jerry Seinfeld, thus putting all of the blame for the robbery on him.

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