Dr. Reston, played by Stephen McHattie, was Elaine's psychiatrist and ex-boyfriend in the beginning of Season 4.

Fictional Biography

Dr. Reston is Elaine and "Crazy" Joe Davola's psychiatrist. In The Trip, Part 1, it is mentioned during a conversation between Jerry and George that Elaine is on vacation in Europe with her psychiatrist. They are briefly seen on vacation together in the episodes "The Pitch" and "The Ticket". They are seen kissing, but Dr. Reston keeps ruining the moment by trying to remember if he left one of his patients (Joe Davola) an extra prescription for medication. Joe Davola is unstable (apparently due to his lack of medication and therapy while Dr. Reston is on vacation) and ends up attacking Kramer and stalking Jerry. Upon their return from Europe, Elaine reveals she does not like being with Dr. Reston, and refers to him as her "Svengali" (she initially pronounces it "sven-jolly", before being corrected by Jerry and George) saying that he has a mental hold on her. She decides she wants to end the relationship, but has trouble doing so, presumably because they have discussed much of her personal life and relationship history during her therapy sessions. In "The Watch", she convinces Kramer to pretend to be her new boyfriend to help get rid of Dr. Reston, but this only leads to Reston manipulating Kramer into meeting with him. The plan backfires when Dr. Reston uses his abilities as a therapist to befriend Kramer. The two smoke cigars together and Kramer ultimately ends up recommending that Elaine and Dr. Reston stay together. While waiting for Kramer outside of Dr. Reston's office, Elaine runs into Joe Davola on the street and gives him her number.

Notes About Nothing

  • In "The Pick", George refers to Dr. Reston as "that nut doctor she [Elaine] went to Europe with."


  • "You can do it, and you will do it."
  • "Elaine, do you remember your dream, where you had a sexual encounter with a Chinese woman?"
  • "Elaine, have you been urinating a lot again?"
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