Dwayne is a minor character on Seinfeld; he appeared in "The Glasses". Dwayne is an optometrist and was friends with Kramer; he owed Kramer because he "got him off sugar". Apparently, Dwayne was once addicted to sugar; Kramer claimed that he once found Dwayne "all hopped up on cinnamon swirls". Kramer and Dwayne's apparent deal was that if anyone mentioned Kramer's name in Dwayne's glasses store he would give them 30% off their purchase. George attempted to get the discount but when he mentioned Kramer's name Dwayne seemed to not be aware of their deal, and made George pay full price. Dwayne is last seen eating a chocolate candy bar, and so presumably he had “relapsed” between then and when Kramer confronted him earlier in his store. Dwayne was portrayed by Timothy Stack.

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