Not to be confused with Ava.

Eva was a Neo-Nazi in "The Limo". She was portrayed by Suzanne Snyder.

When George goes to pick up Jerry from the airport, his car breaks down on the way. At the airport they see a man with a sign waiting to pick someone else up named "O'Brien." Jerry tells George that this O'Brien won't be arriving for a while, so they decide to pose as O'Brien to get a ride. Jerry and George believe that the limo is taking them to Madison Square Garden to see the New York Knicks play Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls. However, the limo driver makes a stop to pick up two people: Eva and Tim. George poses as O'Brien, and since neither Eva nor Tim has ever met O'Brien, they are none the wiser. Eva and Tim praise "O'Brien" for his writing in "The Big Game", and Eva says that she is looking forward to his speech later. George reads O'Brien's speech and finds to his and Jerry's dismay that it is full of remarks expounding antisemitism, anti-Zionism and white supremacy. Eva later asks George about his belief in the "myth of the Holocaust." The limo gets a flat tire and Eva ends up on top of George, telling him she would do anything for him. When George later expresses interest in Eva, Jerry exclaims "she's a Nazi!" Eventually, the real O'Brien calls the limo, and Eva and Tim pull guns on George and the rest of the gang, demanding they get out of the limo, in the midst of a violent protest.

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