Evie is the cleaning woman whom George has sex with in his office in "The Red Dot". She was played by Bridget Sienna.

While working at Pendant Publishing, George sees the cleaning woman working next to him. The next day at Monk's, George tells Jerry that, after drinking some Hennigan's, he had sex with her on the desk in his office. Soon after, George laments that the cleaning woman has "turned the screws" on him and wants to start a relationship, even threatening to tell his boss about their affair. As a way to calm her, George gives her the white cashmere sweater. She breaks into a story from her childhood in Panama where she saw a wealthy American man with a cashmere sweater, and when she asked him for it, he said no. However, Evie notices the red dot on the sweater, which causes her to tell Mr. Lippman about their affair, and George is subsequently fired.

Notes About Nothing

  • Her name is never stated in the episode; in the credits she is credited as "Evie (cleaning woman)."
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