Franklin Delano Romanowski (usually called FDR) is a minor character in Seinfeld. FDR is a hot dog vendor, working on the streets and in Central Park. He is portrayed by Michael McShane.


He first appears in "The Betrayal", when he gives Kramer the evil eye before making his birthday wish. When it comes out that he wished for Kramer to drop dead, the two engage in a battle royale of wishes. In the end, FDR agrees to give up his wishes for Kramer to drop dead, only if Kramer will willingly receive a snowball to the head. Kramer does so, but the episode, moving in reverse chronological order, ends with the viewer discovering that two years earlier, Kramer pelted FDR with a snowball himself, thereby causing the retaliatory actions taking place in "The Betrayal". He also appears in "The Wizard", still working as a hot dog vendor, talking to George.