Harold is the co-manager of Jerry and Kramer's apartment building who appeared in "The Apartment".

Jerry overhears Harold and his business partner Manny arguing about something. Harold informs Jerry that the elderly woman who lived above him has recently passed away, leaving a vacancy in her apartment. Jerry quickly recommends that they should give the apartment to his friend Elaine, who is looking for a new place. Later, Harold and Manny tell Jerry that Manny has received an offer of $5,000 for the apartment, which he accepted. However, if Elaine can come up with the money, then she can still move in to the apartment. Kramer essentially forces Jerry to lend Elaine the money, so she is yet again all set to move in to the building. Unbeknownst to Kramer, Jerry did not want Elaine to move in to the building, so Kramer soon finds someone who is willing to pay $10,000 for the apartment, an amount of money that Elaine would never ask to borrow, seemingly saving Jerry from a tough conversation. Unfortunately, the new tenant is a musician and plays loud rock music at all hours of the day. Jerry asks Harold and Manny if they would go up and talk to the new resident, but Harold refuses because it "stinks up there."

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