Harry Fong is a character in Seinfeld. He is portrayed by Glen Chin in "The Opera".

While George is scalping an extra opera ticket to Pagliacci, Harry comes over to him and the two start discussing payment. Harry is reluctant to pay $300, but George decides to lower the price a little more. Just at that time, Mr. Reichman comes around the corner and confronts George, only to recognize him from a disastrous toast he made at his son-in-law's wedding. Mr. Reichman then attempts to snatch the ticket from George, but apparently ends up injuring himself as his wife runs off calling for a doctor. Harry makes a small attempt to grab the ticket, but apparently stops straight after.

The next time we see Harry, he and George start to settle, but George's girlfriend, Susan, pops up and says that she can go to the opera after all. While George feigns relief, he slips his own ticket into Harry's suit pocket and is stuck to give an explanation to Susan. Harry makes it to the opera next to Jerry.

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