Heidi Swedberg (born March 3, 1966, in Honolulu, HI) is an American actress. She played the ill-fated Susan Ross, girlfriend of George Costanza, in Season Four and Season Seven of Seinfeld. Also, Heidi briefly reprised her role in Season Nine's episode “The Betrayal”.


Acting roles

Heidi has had guest roles in a number of popular television series, including Matlock, Thirtysomething, Quantum Leap, Brooklyn Bridge, Northern Exposure, Sisters, Roc and Touched by an Angel. The following year she took on the role of Susan Ross in 11 episodes of Seinfeld's fourth season, 17 episodes of the seventh season and one episode of the ninth (via a flashback in "The Betrayal" after her character had already long before died). She also made a guest appearance in Wizards of Waverly Place as Jennifer Majorheely.

Swedberg was not in Seinfeld's fifth season in 1994, but acted regularly in parts on other television shows, including Empty Nest, Murder, She Wrote, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and Grace Under Fire.


While growing up in Hawaii, Swedberg grew up playing the ukulele.[1] In 1992, when playing the role of a singer/songwriter for a television pilot, she began playing the instrument again. She now sings and plays the ukulele in her band, Heidi Swedberg and The Sukey Jump Band. The band released an album entitled PLAY!, in 2009 and "My Cup of Tea" in 2013. She has another band called the Smoking Jackets which plays ukulele festivals and night clubs. The members, Daniel Ward, Craig McClelland and John Bartlit, are multi-instrumentalists who also teach at ukulele festivals.


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