Mr. Sugarmans Secretary X
Gender Female
First Appearance "The Trip"
Occupation Actress
Portrayed By Elmarie Wendel

I was engaged to Mickey Rooney. He left me at the altar.

Helena is an elderly resident of the apartment complex where Kramer stays at while he is living in Hollywood. The things she claims about herself may not have actually happened. She was played by Elmarie Wendel and appears in the Season Four’s "The Trip". She used to be a movie actress but has not been hired to act going on six decades. She had a bit part as Mr. Sugarman’s secretary in the Three Stooges short “Sappy Pappies”, which disturbingly ends with Larry, Curly & Moe being executed for the death of a baby under their care. Kramer starts to avoid Helena when she tries to get him to give up on his dream of making his movie: The Keys.

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