United States Postmaster General Henry Atkins is the sitting Postmaster General in “The Junk Mail”. He is an elderly gentleman, and he appears to have a short temper. He is also very intimidating, and is presumably ruthless. He was portrayed by the late Wilford Brimley.


In “The Junk Mail”, Kramer gets upset with how many Pottery Barn catalogues he constantly gets. He then goes to the post office and demands to stop getting mail. They refuse, so he carries around a dummy, dressed in a mailman uniform, with a bucket over its head. Newman begins to warn Kramer the dangers of doing this, but they are both captured. Kramer is taken to an interrogation room where he is met by Postmaster General Henry Atkins. Henry informs Kramer that he came all the way up from Washington, D.C., just to see him and missed a game of golf with the Secretary of State. He takes extreme exception to Kramer and other people who take him away from his golf, and he angrily lets Kramer know it! However, he finally convinces Kramer to keep his mail service. As Kramer leaves, Newman is hauled into the room, wearing handcuffs and a bucket over his head. Newman tells Kramer, "Tell the world my story." Kramer leaves, but Newman's punishment awaits.


Wilford Brimley's portrayal of Henry Atkins is a parody of his role as an Assistant Attorney General in Absence of Malice.

Notes About Nothing

There was never a Postmaster General named Henry Atkins; as such, he is fictional.


The Junk Mail

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