In Pursuit Of Nothing Background

After years of waiting, a Seinfeld board game has finally been created. It's called In Pursuit Of Nothing. The game's web page is located at The name is derived from the fact that Seinfeld is known as the show about NOTHING, and the players compete against each other to see who will contribute NOTHING to George's lunch tab. There are over 800 trivia questions about the Seinfeld TV show, along with dozens of Jumbles and character nickname challenge cards.

Playing the Game

The game is easy . . . If you know the show:

  • All players start off contributing $2 to George's lunch tab.
  • Each question has been assigned one of 5 values depending on its difficulty level.
  • Players in turn choose a question category and the DVD randomly selects a question in that category.
  • If the player answers the question correctly, the answering player gives the question's value to another player (i.e., the answering player is now contributing less to George's tab and the other player is contributing more).
  • If the player answers the question incorrectly, another player gives the answering player the value of the question.
  • The first one to achieve the goal of contributing NOTHING to George's tab wins.


One type of All Play is the Jumble. Players are given a clue and jumbled letters that they must use to come up with the correct answer. For example:

_ _ G _ _ _


Clue: Half and Half

Answer: See if you can guess it and see below for the answer if you can't.

Character Nickname Challenges

Another type of All Play is the character nickname challenge. Players are given the description of a character and the players must come up with a nickname for the character. The one who receives the most votes gets to contribute less to George's tab. For example:

A person who always has food on his face when he is eating

Sample Answers:

A crumb-face

A makeup artist

Have another suggestion? List it here.

The Foldout Coffee Shop Booth Game Board

All Seinfeld fans remember Kramer's coffee table book about coffee tables with the foldout legs. In Pursuit Of Nothing comes with the foldout coffee shop booth game board. The board is where the players place their poker chips while they sit around answering questions to determine who will contribute NOTHING to George's tab. To view the assembled board, go to

The Video Contest

After playing the trivia game, players have the option of making a video short for the In Pursuit Of Nothing video contest. For the official rules, check out the In Pursuit Of Nothing website's "Pursuit Of Who" page.

How To Get In Pursuit Of Nothing

In Pursuit Of Nothing is now available at

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