Jake Jarmel, played by Marty Rackham, is an author Elaine dated for a period. He dislikes using exclamation points in "The Sniffing Accountant", but he put one after his parting words: “I’M LEAVING!” He breaks up with Elaine yet again after she bought Jujyfruits immediately after hearing he was in a car accident ("The Opposite"). Again, he put an exclamation point after his parting words: “GOOD NIGHT!” Jake bought his glasses in Malaysia so that no one else would have a pair like them ("The Scofflaw"). He started a fight with Mr. Lippman when he noticed that Lippman had the same "unique" frames as he did.

Notes About Nothing

Marty Rackham first appeared as an LAPD officer in Season Four'sThe Trip, Part 2”.

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