Jane was Jerry Seinfeld’s girlfriend for a short time and appears in “The Stall”, where she is played by Jami Gertz. Jane has a distinctive and impossible-to-forget voice, works in paper goods and moonlights as a phone sex worker. Elaine Benes knows Jane as the woman who refused to lend her any toilet paper when her stall ran out at a movie theater restroom. Cosmo Kramer knows Jane as ‘Erica’, a phone sex worker whom he has been recently calling.

After a talk with Kramer, Jerry accuses Jane of being ‘Erica’ at Monk's Cafe, but she denies it. Elaine figures out Jane is the one who refused her request for extra toilet paper at the movie theater and gets even with her by stealing all the rolls out of the bathroom at Monk's before she can use it. Infuriated, Jane breaks up with Jerry and confirms his suspicion that she is also ‘Erica’ when she, in her Erica voice, tells Kramer to stop calling her.

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