Jean-Paul is a Trinidad & Tobago runner who stayed with Elaine Benes in “The Hot Tub”. Jean-Paul had overslept and missed the big race at the last Olympic Games, and Jerry Seinfeld obsesses with ensuring that it doesn't happen again. Jean-Paul hears George Costanza swearing, and he thinks that's how all Americans talk, also noticing that Elaine has difficulty setting clocks.

Afterwards, Jean-Paul calls a baby in Elaine's building a bastard, and the baby turns out to actually be illegitimate. He follows suit with her superintendent, addressing him as a "son of a bitch", being thrown out of the building, and eventually staying with Jerry Seinfeld, who gets him a hotel room.

In the hotel, Jerry fears that he has offended the wake-up call guy, and he brings Jean-Paul to his apartment. Kramer installs a hot tub in his apartment, but its heater breaks while Kramer is asleep in it, causing the temperature to plummet. To fix it, Kramer gets an industrial strength heater, which shorts out the electricity in the building, shutting off the alarm clocks and causing Jean-Paul and Jerry to oversleep. Jean-Paul manages to get into the race but is burned when he grabs Kramer's cup of hot tea (which he mistakes for a cup of water) at the finish line; this was not intentional: Kramer was struggling to reheat his core temperature and Jean-Paul took his hot tea by mistake. Jean-Paul was portrayed by Jeremiah Birkett.

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