Aliases Your Cousin Jeffrey - Uncle Leo
Gender Male
Family Father: Uncle Leo

Mother: Stella
Cousin: Jerry Seinfeld
Aunt: Helen Seinfeld
Uncle: Morty Seinfeld

First Appearance "The Pony Remark (Mentioned only)"
Occupation Works at the parks department

Jeffrey, also known as Cousin Jeffrey, is an unseen Seinfeld character. He makes his first appearance when Uncle Leo mentions him in "The Pony Remark". His father is Leo; his mother is Stella.

Notes about Jeffrey

  • Jeffrey works at the Parks Department, a career that causes his father tremendous pride.
  • According to Leo, Jeffrey has a sense of humor.
  • His favorite animal is the leopard; he likes their spots.
  • He usually stays home on Friday nights to watch the Nature Channel.
  • Jerry and his friends think he looks like a horse.
  • Has a close relationship with one of his college professors. Like equals. That's pretty rare.
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