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Jerry was the name of a fictional sitcom series created by Jerry Seinfeld and George Costanza. The show was the central point of the entire fourth season of the show Seinfeld. The show was written by Jerry and George, and followed the fictional versions of Jerry and his friends.


The idea for Jerry was started at the beginning of Season Four of Seinfeld. Here, George and Jerry tried to sell NBC a "show about nothing". After long negotiations, Jerry was bought as a pilot for NBC. Later in the season, the pilot was written, the cast was set, and the pilot was filmed. After the pilot aired, it was cancelled by the new NBC president. George attempted to later sell the pilot to a Japanese company (also called NBC), but negotiations failed.

Finally, in The Finale, after five years, NBC calls Jerry and wants to order an entire season of Jerry. However, the four friends are sent to prison for a year, and the fate of the show is unknown.



Jerry followed the plot of a fictional Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer. It was essentially to be what Seinfeld was. The Pilot was about Jerry getting into a car accident, and the man is sentenced to be Jerry's butler, as he has no insurance.



Notes About Nothing

  • The troubles Jerry went through is similar to Seinfeld's troubles it went through.
  • The "Show about Nothing" was a concept used to describe Seinfeld.
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