Joe Davola, often referred to as Crazy Joe Davola, is a recurring Seinfeld character who suffers from mental instability and aggressive behavior. He was played by Peter Crombie


He is noted for stalking Jerry, for whom he develops a pathological hatred. The incident started in "The Pitch" where they meet him at the NBC offices (Joe, a writer, is dropping off a script, which is rejected, which he blames on Jerry). He and Jerry knew each other before with Jerry disliking him due to his extreme instability.

It continues in "The Ticket", where Jerry and George hid from him in a restaurant, waiting for an inconsiderate policeman to finish eating so he could escort them out safely. Throughout the fourth season (the season which focused on Jerry's failed television pilot), Joe appears frequently, including both parts of The Pilot. In the first part, both Jerry and George attempt to hide, but are seen by him when they were leaving for NBC. In the final part, he is noted for saying "Sic semper tyrannis!" (incorrectly translated by Jerry as "Death to tyrants") and then jumping off the stands into the set in an attempt to attack Jerry. Joe's action is reminiscent of John Wilkes Booth, the assassin of Abraham Lincoln. He was not seen or mentioned again but is most likely in prison for his attack.

Elaine once dated Joe's psychiatrist, who is concerned about Joe not taking his


medication. She also inadvertently dated Joe while trying to break up with the doctor (The Watch), not knowing he was, in fact, the same "'Crazy' Joe Davola" terrorizing Jerry. She becomes a target, and in a surprisingly tense scene for a comedy series (The Opera), she finds herself trapped and cornered in the psychotic Joe's apartment and only escapes after spraying Binaca in his face.

Joe blames all his problems on Jerry, even ones such as getting a hair on his tongue. He nailed Kramer in the head with a roundhouse kick for not inviting him to a party. Kramer was not hurt because he happened to be wearing a motorcycle helmet, formerly owned by Newman. The helmet was acquired by Kramer in a trade in which Newman received Kramer's radar detector (which Kramer knew was broken) and which does not work when Newman is speeding and he gets a ticket. This causes a schism in Newman and Kramer's friendship.

Joe is in exceptional shape. Tall and muscular, he keeps fit by lifting weights (sometimes while crying) and practices martial arts, which he uses (while dressed as Canio from Pagliacci) to beat a gang of hooligans in Central Park unconscious. He was also strong enough to put a large dent in the aforementioned bicycle helmet.

Notes About Nothing

  • "Crazy" Joe Davola is based on Larry David's longtime friend and TV Producer Joe Davola (Smallville, One Tree Hill).