Julie is the woman whom George dates in "The Big Salad"; she was portrayed by Michelle Forbes. Julie and George run into Elaine and Jerry while they're on their way to Monk's. They invite Jerry and Elaine to join them, but they decline; however, Elaine asks them to bring her back a big salad and George and Julie agree. At Monk's, Julie is handed the big salad (even though George had paid for it) and so when they get up to Jerry's apartment she is the one who hands Elaine the big salad and receives Elaine's thanks. Julie leaves and George expresses his rage to Jerry and Elaine that Julie didn't admit that it hadn't been her who had purchased the big salad, claiming that she received a "thank you" under false pretenses. Soon after, Julie sees Jerry and Elaine at Monk's as she is going to meet George. Elaine says that she had better leave before George gets there because he is probably going to make her pay him back for the big salad, much to Julie's surprise. When George arrives, Julie inquires whether or not he made a point to tell Elaine that he had bought the big salad and not her. George confirms these beliefs, and goes on to make himself appear extremely pitiful. As Julie gets up to leave George at Monk's, she says, "George, all I did was hand someone a bag." Seeming on point to George, this is the end of their relationship.

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