"You're fired, Elaine. Goodbye."
―Justin Pitt

Justin Pitt, usually called Mr. Pitt, is Elaine's eccentric boss during Season Six. He is an executive at Doubleday publishing company and hired Elaine to be his assistant solely because she reminded him of Jackie Onassis when they first met, sometime after Pendant Publishing went out of business. However, he is rather obsessive-compulsive often had her do rather trivial work for him, including spending hours finding the perfect pair of socks, removing salt from his pretzel sticks, sharpening pencils, and winning a ticket for holding a rope for the Woody Woodpecker balloon at Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade. He also has the unusual habit of eating Snickers bars with a fork and knife.

Justin Pitt was portrayed by the late Ian Abercrombie.


In "The Diplomat's Club," Justin was going to put Elaine in his will, claiming she was like a daughter to him. He and Jerry Seinfeld met at the Pharmarcy, but he fires her after he and his attorney suspect Elaine and Jerry are trying to kill him.

Testifying against Elaine

"She tried to smother me with a pillow."
―Justin Pitt, during his testimony against Elaine[src]

When Elaine, Jerry, George and Kramer were arrested in Latham County under the charges of criminal indifference, the so-called, "New York Four", were brought to trial at the Latham District County Court. During the events of the trial, District Attorney Hoyt called Mr. Pitt to the stand as one of the many witnesses brought to testify against the New York Four's shallow characteristics. As Mr. Pitt made his way across the courtroom, Jerry greeted with an apathetic, "Hiya". During his testimony, Mr. Pitt explained to Mr. Hoyt that Elaine was employed by him from September 1994 to May 1995 when he terminated her employment. Mr. Hoyt asked why she was terminated, and Mr. Pitt replied that Elaine had tried to kill him. As the court gasped, Mr. Hoyt asked how Elaine had tried to kill him, and Mr. Pitt explained that she had tried to smother him with a pillow. From her seat, Elaine rebuked that the accusation was untrue, but Judge Arthur Vandelay banged his gavel. Mr. Hoyt then asked why Elaine would kill him, and Mr. Pitt replied that she and Jerry had discovered she was in his will.

Later, while the jury deliberated on the verdict, Mr. Pitt waited in the halls of the courthouse alongside Mabel Choate, Marla Penny, Joe Bookman, Marcelino, Mr. Hoffman, among others. As he waited, Mr. Pitt eyed Lt. Bookman. Once everyone was called back into the courtroom, Mr. Pitt stood at the back of the courtroom with the others who had testified against the four. When the jury declared them guilty, Mr. Pitt clapped excitedly.


  • He's very particular about the white socks that he wears, forcing Elaine to spend hours looking for the perfect pair. This mission kept Elaine from going to Atlantic City with Jerry, George and Kramer for the Miss America pageant in "The Chaperone".
  • He has an aversion to fountain pens, and doesn't allow ink in office. A fountain pen's explosion was at the core of a scene at the end of “The Gymnast”: Elaine gripped his coat while her hands were covered in ink to get him to stop staring at a Magic Eye poster and go to a meeting, at which the ink got on his upper lip, lending him a resemblance to Hitler as he emphatically told a meeting of investors that "we will annex Poland by the spring at any cost and our stock will rise high!"
  • He eats his Snickers candy bars with a knife and fork, which became the running joke for "The Pledge Drive".
  • He also seems to have a fondness for Woody Woodpecker, and in "The Mom and Pop Store" got to live out his childhood dream of holding up the Woody balloon at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.
  • Pitt is very wealthy, and lives in an expensive apartment building. This set up the plot of “The Doorman”.
  • He was a close friend of Jackie Kennedy Onassis and hires Elaine because he believes she looks like her.
  • He is British and speaks with a Received Pronunciation (BBC English) accent.