Karen (Miss Rhode Island)
Miss rhode island
Gender Female
First Appearance "The Chaperone"
Portrayed By Marguerite MacIntyre

Karen is a woman whom Jerry dated in “The Chaperone”; she is Miss Rhode Island. Jerry meets her at a Yankee game and gets a date with her. It seems like the date might be in jeopardy when the chaperone (who is required to accompany Karen) cannot make it; luckily, Jerry is able to find a last-second chaperone: Kramer. Kramer is a big fan of the Miss America Pageant as he watched it every year since he was six years old. Kramer ruins the date for Jerry by asking Karen question after question in the same manner that Miss America contestants are asked; by the end of the date Kramer was to be her new personal coach. In Atlantic City, where Jerry, George, Kramer and Karen all happen to be at the same time, Karen has some trained doves, which she will use in the talent portion of the pageant. In the middle of the night Jerry and George cannot sleep because they hear the incessant squawking of some kind of birds, so Jerry decides to pour a bucket of water out the balcony window, which seems to shut them up. The next day, it is revealed that Jerry had in fact unwittingly killed her doves (they were the birds who kept Jerry and George up). Kramer finds out and accuses Jerry of doing it purposely, so that Karen would lose. In the end, Karen ends up singing as her special talent (even though she had never sung a day in her life) and it went horribly. Presumably, Karen did not win the Miss America Pageant that year. Karen was portrayed by Marguerite MacIntyre.

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