Debbie jo
Gender Female
First Appearance "The Diplomat's Club"
Last Appearance "The Abstinence"
Occupation Agent/Assistant
Portrayed By Debra Jo Rupp

Katie is one of Jerry Seinfeld's managers. While a very nice person, she can be incompetent at her job, blowing opportunities for Jerry. She is also very indecisive, forcing Jerry to have a more hands on approach with his bookings than he would care for. Katie appears in season 6 and season 8 where she is portrayed by Debra Jo Rupp.

The Diplomat's Club

Katie has been booking Jerry on a tour of colleges up and down the east coast. She psychs out Jerry before one of his shows when she informs him the pilot of his flight will be in attendance. When Jerry sees the pilot at his show, he gets very distracted and bombs. Katie's stern talk with that pilot after the show gets Jerry kicked off his return flight, forcing the two to have to drive back to Manhattan. Katie gets them lost and then crashes their rental car into a backyard swimming pool. Jerry's ordeal is played for laughs on broadcast news across New York state.

The Abstinence

Katie is still forcing Jerry to make choices she should be making automatically for him. She gets Jerry a two-hour lecture at his old junior high, even getting the school to back out on an appearance by Rick James to make time for it. Jerry struggles to fill the two-hour appearance with comedic educational material that will entertain the children, and the students start booing him ten seconds into the performance. Word soon gets out about Seinfeld's poor showing at the school and David Letterman cancels Jerry's upcoming appearance on The Late Show.

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