Kelly is a woman whom George went on a date with and is a former waitress at Monk's Cafe.

Kelly and George had a flirtatious relationship at Monk's, which led to him asking her out. On their date they go for a walk; as they walk, George mentions that he likes manure, and goes on to talk about it at length. Immediately after his comment about manure, Kelly nonchalantly brings up her boyfriend, much to George's chagrin. Later George and Jerry discuss the date, and Jerry speculates that Kelly made up the fact that she had a boyfriend after being unimpressed by George's love of manure. After their failed date George feels awkward around here whenever he goes to Monk's. Later his fears are confirmed when Kramer tells him that she does not have a boyfriend. In an attempt to get Kelly fired from Monk's, George calls the restaurant incessantly, which leads to Larry, the manager of Monk's, scolding Jerry and his friends. George ultimately ends up eating at Reggie's so as to avoid contact with Kelly and the angered manager.

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