For the episode, see The Little Jerry.

Little Jerry Seinfeld is a rooster that Kramer purchases in “The Little Jerry”. Kramer thought that it was a chicken and could produce eggs for him because the ones at the restaurant were horrible. Later on regular Jerry Seinfeld tells Kramer that Little Jerry is in fact a rooster. When a local grocer named Marcelino saw how much spunk the rooster had, he convinced Kramer to let the bird engage in cockfighting (which is illegal outside of Puerto Rico). Little Jerry's second bout is against a larger, more formidable opponent that has been reportedly flown in from Ecuador, had a win loss ratio of 68:0 and was quoted as resembling a dog with a glove on his head. Kramer saw that the odds were pitted against Little Jerry. As a last-ditch effort he dives into the ring to save his prize fighter in which the opponent attacks them both. That was the last time Little Jerry Seinfeld was ever seen; what became of Little Jerry remains unknown.


  • Won a cockfight lasting only for 2 seconds; the fight usually lasts for 5 seconds.
  • Made it from Jerry's Apartment to Newman's in under 30 seconds, though it is unknown as to how great this accomplishment is.
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