Marla Penny is one of Jerry's ex-girlfriends, and also the title character in “The Virgin”. She is British, and her job is to design closets and to expand closet space. Marla is portrayed by Jane Leeves.


She first appeared in “The Virgin” and later in “The Contest”. After dating for two episodes, she broke up with him because he told her about the "contest", in which each of the New York Four bet 100 dollars to not "explore themselves". After she breaks up with Jerry, she meets, dates (and then loses her virginity to) John F. Kennedy, Jr., with whom she would remain for a while.

She later has a cameo in “The Pilot, Part 2” watching Jerry's show with John F. Kennedy Jr.

She made a final appearance in “The Finale, Part 2” to testify against the four by reluctantly mentioning about the "contest" they had which grossed out the trial attendees and even caused Jacopo Peterman to say "For the love of God." While the jury was deciding on the verdict, Marla Penny was seen lingering in the halls of the courthouse with Mabel Choate, Justin Pitt, Joe Bookman, Marcelino, and some other people.


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