Marlene is a woman whom Jerry and George both dated briefly in the season two episode of Seinfeld "The Ex-Girlfriend". They both found her very sexy, but her tendency to drag out conversations on (and off) their telephone machines annoyed the both of them to no end. George dated, and broke up, with her first. He left some books at her apartment so he asked Jerry to get them for him, which led to Jerry starting up a relationship with her. He told Kramer that Marlene had a "psycho-sexual" hold over him. She eventually went on to break up with him because she saw his comedy act and couldn't "be with someone if [she] didn't respect what they did", to which Jerry retorted, "But you're a cashier!" Marlene was portrayed by Tracy Kolis, who would appear again in "The Soup" as a waitress at Monk's named Kelly with whom George goes on a date.

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