Marty Rackham as Jake Jarmel in "The Scofflaw".

Marty Rackham is an American actor. He made recurring appearances on Seinfeld, first as an LAPD officer in “The Trip, Part 2”, and as Elaine’s boyfriend Jake Jarmel in “The Sniffing Accountant”, “The Opposite”, and “The Scofflaw”.

Some of Marty’s famous lines:

  • (As he & his colleague pull up in the cruiser): “Which one of you is Costanza?” (Jerry & George point at each other.) “Get in.” (“The Trip, Part 2”)
  • (As he leaves Elaine's apartment after breaking up with Elaine as a result of the exclamation point dispute, he puts an exclamation point after his parting words): “I’M LEAVING!” (“The Sniffing Accountant”)
  • (In his hospital room): “I would like to be alone now, please.” (Elaine: “But, Jake, I didn’t...”) “GOOD NIGHT!” (“The Opposite”)