Mickey Abbott is the “little person” friend of Cosmo Kramer.


They met while acting as stand-ins for a soap opera. They also were co-workers at a department store where Kramer was Santa while Mickey was an elf. Mickey dislikes the term "midget"

Mickey has been married and divorced many times.

Mickey's parents are normal-size people and while he and Kramer were double dating, he met Karen who was normal-sized with parents that were dwarfs, and he marries her in “The Yada Yada”.

In “The Race”, Mickey mentions having two kids in college. His father is Dr. Abbott, a dentist.

In "The Finale, Part 2," Mickey Abbott attends the trial of Jerry, Elaine, George, and Kramer in Latham County. It was shown that the building that Mickey Abbot lives in is right next door to the building that David Puddy lives in. A deleted scene had Mickey Abbot telling Kenny Bania that he took his seat as he had told David to save his seat. Both Mickey and Kenny fight over the seat until the trial begins. While the jury was deciding on the verdict, Mickey was among those who were at the pool hall. While the jury was out deciding on the verdict, Mickey Abbot was among those seen at the pool house. He, Kenny Bania, and Keith Hernandez are defeated in a game of pool by Jacopo Peterman.


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