Tom's Restaurant, which was used for outside scenes of Monk's.

Monk's Cafe is the name of the diner that Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer frequently visit. Often referred to as "The Coffee Shop" by the four friends, Monk's served as the social haven for the group (outside of Jerry's apartment), who used it for coffee, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. There have been many workers of Monk's shown, the most prominent being Ruthie Cohen who was shown in numerous episodes, but only had a few lines in the entire series. The exterior of Monk's was of a real restaurant, Tom’s Restaurant, located on the corner of Broadway and West 112th Street in New York. The outside of Tom's does not line up correctly with the inside of Monk's, with windows and doors not being placed the same locations.

Early episodes showed the full name of the restaurant as an establishing shot, but later the word "Tom's" was covered up. Occasionally, later episodes still showed the last two letters of "Tom's" ("m's"), when it should have been "k's", if it were "Monk's Restaurant". Also, inside shots show "Monk's Cafe" on the door, not "Monk's Restaurant", which would have been more consistent.

Larry is the manager and cook of Monk's Cafe.