Mr. Kruger is George's boss in the ninth season.

Fictional Biography

He is the president of Kruger Industrial Smoothing which is best known for a job they did for the Statue of Liberty in which "they failed to get the green stuff off". Kruger is somewhat known for not caring about his job, instead focusing on trivial matters like who tells the best jokes or what everyone's nicknames should be at meetings. This often leaves the office in total chaos. Kruger also has a wife and two kids and it is revealed that one time, when his family was at the beach, they threw George's stuff into the water and blamed it on the tide.

After losing his job at Yankee Stadium, George was interviewed by Kruger for a job in "The Slicer." The interview went well, but George discovered a picture of Kruger's family at the beach with him in the background and feared it would cost him the job if Kruger remembered him. George had the picture airbrushed, but Kruger found out anyway and didn't care.

In "The Strike," Kruger gave George $20,000 for a fake charity called "The Human Fund". When Kruger threatened to fire him when he found out it wasn't real, George convinced Kruger he made up the charity to hide the holiday he truly celebrates around Christmas, Festivus. To prove it existed, Kruger was brought to Festivus.

In "The Burning," George begins to leave meetings "on a high note" when he jokes around. This causes Kruger to fire everyone except George because they were boring in comparison, leaving George with a mountain of paperwork.

In "The Maid," Kruger gives George the nickname "Koko", which infuriates George who wanted to be called "T-Bone". George gets a cleaning woman named Koko hired at the company in order to force Kruger to change the name. Kruger decides to call George "Gammy" instead.


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