Mr. Morgan
Aliases Morgan
Gender Male
First Appearance "The Pledge Drive"
Last Appearance "The Wink"
Former Occupations Traveling Secretary to the New York Yankees
Portrayed By Tom Wright

Mr. Morgan was a co-worker of George's at Yankee Stadium. His first name is never revealed, so he is always called Mr. Morgan, or just Morgan. Morgan is portrayed by Tom Wright.


Morgan appeared in four episodes, "The Pledge Drive", where George convinces Mr. Morgan that the Yankees should send a player to a PBS fundraiser after he sees George eating a candy bar with a knife and fork; "The Diplomat's Club", where he hints that George had a racial bias after George said that he looked like Sugar Ray Leonard; "The Mom and Pop Store", where George calls a meeting to convince the Yankees to have a "Jon Voight Day", and Mr. Morgan proposes they have no more meetings called by George; and "The Wink", where George causes a dispute with Mr. Morgan, his wife, and George Steinbrenner by winking involuntarily, ultimately leading to Mr. Morgan's termination, and George being promoted to his position, which is defined as much more work, but not much extra money.

Notes About Nothing

  • In "The Pledge Drive" Mr. Morgan is credited as "Executive".
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